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The Best Backyard Game Ever - can be useful for personal statistics or status updates.

Bag Toss is also know as cornhole or bean bag game. Bag Toss 2 is an exciting variation of this old tradition. The slot is the only difference and it is worth more points.

Signblazer software for vinyl cutting is one of the best out there for your US cutter refine MH series cutters. Signcut Pro is good but has some issues. Other software like Ultra-flex, Flexi and WinPCsign cost a bunch of money. This one is free. Below are links to get you on your way.

US Cutter MH Series User Guide, Tips and Fixes

SignBlazer Install Instructions

SignBlazer Elements version 6.05

SignBlazer Manual

Font Manual


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Upgrade your USCutter MH Refine Series Cutter Plotter Memory

300% memory increase

4MB Memory Module

***Out of Stock***    

For US Cutter models MH365, MH721, MH1101, MH1351

Easy install instructions are included.


This video will show you how to install custom graphics on to cars.


Here is a a great guide for DIY vinyl application


For more tips and tricks, check out